Professional International Advance Hairstyle Class Course Academy

Professional International Advance Hairstyle Class Course Academy

Basic  Knowledge

  1. Hair theory
  2. Preparation of Hair
  3. Product Knowledge
  4. Face Shape Knowledge
  5. Hair Section / Angles and diagrams
  6. How to Pick Right Equipment
  7. Types of Back Combing
  8. Blow Dryer / Pin Usage
  9. Use of Extensions


  1. Types of Puffs
  2. Various Types of Traditional Hairstyles
  3. Various Types of Braids
  4. Open Hairstyles
  5. Indowestern Hairstyles

Course: Basic Knowledge + Basic Hairstyle Course Fees: Rs 10,000/-Days :  15 days


  1. Spreading and Pulling Techniques
  2. Twisting Techniques
  3. Various Types of Puffs
  4. Various Types of Braids
  5. Bridal Hairstyles and Front Variations
  6. Open Party Stylings
  7. Flower / Buns Arts
  8. Creative Lines Pulling Techniques
  9. Messy Styling Crush
  10. Retro / Classical waves
  11. Hollywood waves stylings
  12. High Bun Swearls
  13. Matt Bun Crisscross
  14. Low Bun Crush Styling
  15. Messy Bun Strokes
  16. High Bun with Lines
  17. Soft Sagan Look
  18. Indowestern Hairstyles
  19. Traditional Hairstyles
  20. Quick Hairstyles
  21. Messy Ponytails
  22. Leaf and Roses etc .

New Techniques and many more with Graduation Certificate.

Course: Basic Knowledge + Advance Hairstyle Course Fees: Rs 18,000/-Days :  25 days


Professional International Advance Russian Hairstyle 

Course: Basic Knowledge + Advance Hairstyle Course + Professional International Advance Russian Course 

Fees: Rs 30,000/-

Days :  30 days

Professional International Advance Hairstyle Class Course Academy

Makeup Artist Academy Class Course Hairstyle Nail Art Mehndi Bridal

Professional International Advance Hairstyle Class Course Academy


Basic Hairstyle 

Course: Basic Knowledge + Basic Hairstyle Course

Fees: Rs 10,000/-

Days :  15 days

Advance Hairstyle 

Course: Basic Knowledge + Advance Hairstyle Course

Fees: Rs 18,000/-

Days :  25 days

Professional International Advance Russian Hairstyle 

Course: Basic Knowledge + Advance Hairstyle Course + Professional International Advance Russian Course 

Fees: Rs 30,000/-

Days :  35 days


Professional International Advance Hairstyle Class Course Academy

Title: Mastering Advanced Hairstyling Techniques: A Comprehensive 25-Day Course with Certification

Introduction: The world of hairstyling is an ever-evolving art form that offers endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression. If you aspire to become a professional hairstylist or simply want to enhance your hairstyling skills, our “Basic Knowledge + Advance Hairstyle Course” is the perfect opportunity for you. Over 25 days, you will dive deep into a wide array of advanced hairstyling techniques and emerge as a certified expert in the field. In this article, we will explore the various modules of the course in detail, helping you understand what to expect and how to rank your skills in Google searches.

  1. Spreading and Pulling Techniques:

    • Learn how to create volume and texture in hair through expert spreading and pulling techniques.
    • Understand the importance of sectioning and precision in styling.
    • Master the art of enhancing natural hair movement.
  2. Twisting Techniques:

    • Explore various twisting techniques to create intricate and elegant hairstyles.
    • Discover how to weave twists into updos and braids for added dimension.
    • Elevate your styling repertoire with trendy twists.
  3. Various Types of Puffs:

    • Delve into the world of puffs, from classic to modern styles.
    • Create stunning updos and half-up hairstyles using puff variations.
    • Understand the right products and tools for achieving perfect puff styles.
  4. Various Types of Braids:

    • Learn to craft different types of braids, including fishtail, Dutch, and waterfall.
    • Combine braids with other techniques to achieve unique looks.
    • Elevate your braiding game to expert levels.
  5. Bridal Hairstyles and Front Variations:

    • Master the art of bridal hairstyling, including intricate updos and veiled styles.
    • Explore front variations to complement bridal looks.
    • Create stunning, long-lasting bridal hairstyles.
  6. Open Party Stylings:

    • Develop skills in creating stylish and effortless party hairstyles.
    • Understand how to work with various hair lengths and textures.
    • Enhance your versatility as a hairstylist.
  7. Flower / Buns Arts:

    • Learn to incorporate real or faux flowers into hair designs.
    • Create beautiful bun arrangements with floral accents.
    • Perfect the art of bridal and event-ready flower buns.
  8. Creative Lines Pulling Techniques:

    • Experiment with creative lines and patterns within hairstyles.
    • Incorporate geometric designs and abstract shapes.
    • Elevate your hairstyling to an art form.
  9. Messy Styling Crush:

    • Embrace the messy hair trend with style and finesse.
    • Create effortlessly chic messy styles for any occasion.
    • Explore the art of controlled chaos in hairstyling.
  10. Retro / Classical Waves:

    • Travel back in time and master the art of retro waves.
    • Understand the nuances of classic Hollywood glamour.
    • Achieve timeless and elegant hairstyles.
  11. Hollywood Waves Stylings:

    • Dive deeper into the Hollywood waves style.
    • Learn variations and modern twists on this iconic look.
    • Perfect the red-carpet-ready waves.
  12. High Bun Swirls:

    • Create high buns with intricate swirls and twists.
    • Understand the balance between structure and creativity.
    • Elevate your bun styling skills.
  13. Matt Bun Crisscross:

    • Explore matte finishes and crisscross bun techniques.
    • Achieve a trendy and sophisticated look.
    • Master the art of creating clean yet textured buns.
  14. Low Bun Crush Styling:

    • Learn to create low buns with flair and elegance.
    • Perfect the art of tucking and pinning for a polished finish.
    • Offer clients timeless and versatile styling options.
  15. Messy Bun Strokes:

    • Take the messy bun to the next level with artistic strokes.
    • Understand how to use texture and product to your advantage.
    • Create signature messy bun styles.
  16. High Bun with Lines:

    • Combine high buns with creative lines and patterns.
    • Elevate your bun designs to a new level of sophistication.
    • Develop a unique and artistic touch.
  17. Soft Sagan Look:

    • Explore the art of Indian bridal hairstyling.
    • Learn to create soft and intricate Sagan looks.
    • Incorporate cultural elements into your styling.
  18. Indowestern Hairstyles:

    • Blend Indian and Western styles seamlessly.
    • Create fusion looks for special occasions.
    • Showcase your versatility as a hairstylist.
  19. Traditional Hairstyles:

    • Pay homage to cultural traditions with authentic hairstyling.
    • Explore traditional bridal looks from around the world.
    • Offer clients a glimpse into heritage-inspired beauty.
  20. Quick Hairstyles:

    • Discover efficient techniques for on-the-go styling.
    • Offer clients fast and fashionable options.
    • Learn to adapt to time-sensitive situations.
  21. Messy Ponytails:

    • Master the art of messy ponytails with a trendy twist.
    • Explore variations in height, texture, and accessories.
    • Create effortlessly chic ponytail styles.
  22. Leaf and Roses:

    • Learn to incorporate natural elements into hairstyles.
    • Perfect the art of leaf and rose embellishments.
    • Offer clients whimsical and garden-inspired looks.

Conclusion: This 25-day “Basic Knowledge + Advance Hairstyle Course” promises to elevate your hairstyling skills to the next level. From classic techniques to contemporary trends and cultural influences, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the art of hairstyling. Upon completion, you will receive a graduation certificate, validating your expertise and opening doors to exciting career opportunities. Don’t miss the chance to rank among the top hairstylists in Google searches with these advanced techniques in your repertoire. Enroll today and embark on a transformative journey in the world of hairstyling.

Title: Mastering Basic Hairstyles: A Comprehensive 15-Day Course


Hairstyling is an art that transcends cultures and has been an integral part of human history for centuries. Whether you want to groom yourself for a special occasion, improve your personal style, or embark on a career as a hairstylist, mastering basic hairstyles is essential. In this 15-day course, we will explore the fundamental techniques and various types of hairstyles, including puffs, traditional hairstyles, braids, open hairstyles, and Indo-western hairstyles. Let’s dive into each category in detail to help you become a hairstyling pro!

Day 1-3: Types of Puffs

  1. Classic Puff:

    • Learn to create the timeless classic puff, suitable for formal occasions.
    • Understand the importance of backcombing and using hairpins to achieve the perfect puff.
  2. High Puff with a Twist:

    • Elevate your style with a high puff and add creative elements.
    • Experiment with different partings and accessories to customize your look.
  3. Side Puff:

    • Discover how to create a stylish side puff that can be dressed up or down.
    • Explore variations like messy side puffs and adorned side puffs for versatility.

Day 4-6: Various Types of Traditional Hairstyles

  1. Bun with Gajra:

    • Learn the art of adorning your bun with fragrant and beautiful gajra (jasmine garland).
    • Explore traditional variations from different regions of India.
  2. Mughal-inspired Jhoomar Hairstyle:

    • Dive into the rich history of Mughal hairstyles.
    • Master the jhoomar hairstyle, adorned with intricate hair accessories.
  3. South Indian Braid with Flowers:

    • Embrace the beauty of South Indian culture by mastering the art of floral braids.
    • Incorporate fresh flowers to create a stunning traditional look.

Day 7-9: Various Types of Braids

  1. Three-Strand Basic Braid:

    • Start with the foundation of hairstyling by mastering the three-strand braid.
    • Explore variations like fishtail and Dutch braids.
  2. French Twist Braid:

    • Elevate your braid game with the elegant French twist braid.
    • Understand the technique of braiding towards the back for a polished look.
  3. Waterfall Braid:

    • Learn the mesmerizing waterfall braid that cascades beautifully.
    • Discover tricks to secure the braid while maintaining its flow.

Day 10-12: Open Hairstyles

  1. Beach Waves:

    • Achieve that relaxed beachy look with perfect waves.
    • Learn various methods to create waves, from using curling irons to braiding.
  2. Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle:

    • Master the half-up half-down style, perfect for casual outings.
    • Experiment with accessories like bobby pins, clips, and headbands.
  3. Sleek and Straight:

    • Create a sleek and sophisticated look with straight hair.
    • Understand the importance of hair straighteners and serums for a polished finish.

Day 13-15: Indo-Western Hairstyles

  1. Messy Bun with a Western Twist:

    • Blend Indian and Western styles with a chic messy bun.
    • Explore variations with hairpieces and accessories.
  2. Side Swept Curls:

    • Embrace the glamour of Hollywood with side-swept curls.
    • Learn curling techniques and the importance of hair sprays.
  3. Bollywood-Inspired Ponytail:

    • Wrap up the course with a versatile Bollywood-inspired ponytail.
    • Add volume and texture to create a red-carpet-worthy look.


By the end of this 15-day basic hairstyle course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to create a wide range of stunning hairstyles, from traditional to modern, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking to enhance your personal style or considering a career in hairstyling, these fundamental techniques will serve as your foundation for endless hairstyling possibilities. Happy styling!

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Professional International Advance Hairstyle Class Course Academy

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  1. Basic Hairstyling
  2. Advance Hairstyling’s
  3. Professional International Advance Russian Hairstyle 
  1. Basic Hairstyling Rs 10,000/-
  2. Advance Hairstyling’s Rs 18,000/-
  3. Professional Internationa Advance Hairstyle’s     Rs 30,000/-
  1. Basic Hairstyling = 15 Days
  2. Advance Hairstyling’s= 25 Days
  3. Professional International Advance Hairstyle 30 Days

No Refund of any Amount. Management  Reserve Full Rights Not to Return Full Amount.

Academy Will Provide Material For Practice Initially But after 5th Days students have to bring there Material for Practice. Student Has to Bring there Dummy & Spray for Hairstyle Practice.

No age Limit and Qualification need to Expertise Our Skills.

100% (Full Payment at the time of Booking) or if academy allowed payment in installment then the date if student not made payment she / he shall not be allowed to continue even for a single day and management shall cancel her / his admission immediately for non payment.

No Refund of any Amount. Management  Reserve Full Rights Not to Return Full Amount.

No Video and No Photo Recording of Training Provided by academy. No whatapp group creation by student and sharing photos is strictly prohibited.
Academy shall reserve right to cancel admission of any student if terms and conditions are breach for non payment on due date and misconduct or any theft by student.
Academy shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of Students product or things they carry inside academy. Student shall take full responsibility of their products.
Student remain absent more than 4 days without intimation during her batch scheduled her admission shall be cancelled by academy and no fees shall be refunded.

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